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The Players


Johnny Fannon

John Fannon.jpeg

                    John Fannon is the lead vocalist and front man for  STEELIN' IN THE YEARS, a Steely Dan Tribute band. John is an Actor/Singer/Musician/and Stand-Up Comic. He started singing and acting at a young age, creating and performing his own shows for friends and family. John has been singing in many bands for over 40 years, on both the East and West Coasts.

                   John is a professional actor and a member of the SAG-AFTRA Union for 21 years. He has had notable roles in ‘Jessica Jones’ with Kristen Ritter, and ‘The Mysteries of Laura’ with Debra Messing. His latest project, in February 2021, was a role in an upcoming CBS pilot starring Patrick Dempsey called ‘Ways and Means.’ John has also done his own stand up comedy routine at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York City. 

                   John has put forth great effort and passion into this project, STEELIN' IN THE YEARS as Steely Dan’s music genuinely touches his soul.  

Billy Milne

Billy Milne.JPG

           Bill Milne is the drummer and back up vocalist for STEELIN' IN THE YEARS. His love of the drums  began when he was 8 years old, drumming in his grammar school’s Drum Corps. In his teen years he belonged to several rock bands, and started playing in clubs right after high school. During that time he met a neighborhood singer/songwriter, Billy Falcon. Bill toured in support of the band’s debut album ‘Billy Falcon’s Burning Rose.’ They played various venues such as My Father’s Place, CBGBs, and Max’s Kansas City. They eventually recorded 4 albums and played the Park Pop Festival in the Netherlands, along with k.d. Lang and T’Pau.
           Bill went on to join ‘SPYS’ with bassist Ed Galgliardi and  keyboard player Al Greenwood of ‘Foreigner.’ ‘SPYS’ recorded 2 albums with a single “Don’t Run My Life” receiving massive airplay, and their video “She Can’t Wait” was in heavy rotation on the fledgling MTV. They toured with ‘38 Special’ and played 20,000 seat halls, including the prestigious Palladium in NYC among others. Bill is excited to be part of this amazing project, STEELIN' IN THE YEARS, playing with such seasoned musicians and good friend John Fannon at the helm. 

Henry Diaz

Screenshot 2023-01-28 at 10.30.14 AM.png

     Henrys musical journey began in junior high in the late 60’s, playing bass in multiple pop bands throughout high school years with the Duvall brothers.

    In the 70’s he explored folk, rock, southern rock, R&B and eventually progressive rock with Sterling and later Harlequin, a popular theatrical prog rock band. 

    He has played acoustic fingerstyle guitar for over twenty years with his wife Kristi on vocals in “Kristhen”, an acoustic, pop duo. Since 2016 they’ve been performing shows with their pop quartet, “The Karpenteers - A Tribute to the Carpenters”, splitting his duties between bass, acoustic, electric and synth guitars as well as mixing the bands sound. He and Kristi also run 2 Worlds Recording Studio, a full fledged demo/project studio.

    In the fall of 2022, on bass, he helped launch a five piece rock band, “RP-20” with Gary Passavia, guitarist from Harlequin.

   “Being a new new member of this Steely Dan project has been an exciting challenge. I’ve been a Dan fan since their very first album and have dabbled in some of their music, now I’m in it … up to my ears”.

Bob Loschiavo


             Bob has been playing guitar (lead and rhythm) and singing in various classic rock bands up and down the east coast for some 30 years.  He’s played various styles of music from the Beatles to the Eagles to Chicago.  Being able to  perform the complex music of Steely Dan is a challenge and an honor.

Mitch Weingart

             Mitch began playing piano at the age of six and began writing this bio a few years later.  Always fond of jazz, he spent much his time listening to Chick Corea and Oscar Peterson, instead of Steely Dan.  He is just now beginning to appreciate their music, playing  it with this group of talented musicians.  While not endorsed any keyboard manufacturer, he is sponsored  by his lovely wife, Susan. 

Deborah Ann 


               Deb considers herself blessed to have been able to share her voice and love for music at various venues starting at the young age of 16. From clubs to weddings, telethons to motorcycle rallies, performing on Bourbon Street, to session work and jingles, she now enjoys lending her voice to the lead vocals and intricate harmonies of Steely Dan, with STEELIN' IN THE YEARS.

Scott Staib

Scott Steib.jpg
             Scott has been playing sax since the 4th grade. In college at Stony Brook University- he was part of an elite wind ensemble of music majors that performed live even toured England. He has been playing in Long Island and NYC bands since 2005. In his other active bands, he sings lead and provides backup vocals along with his saxophone solos. He is thrilled to be part of STEELIN' IN THE YEARS as the band is meticulous in their devotion to the music. Playing the music of Steely Dan is particularly challenging and unique and he appreciates the professionalism of the group. 

Mike Young

Last Waltz Project 045.jpg
            Mike is a guitarist, composer and educator.  You can find him performing around Long Island in a number of different  projects.  In addition to STEELIN' IN THE YEARS, he plays in the fusion band Pentagroove as well as doing solo and duo gigs.  He loves most styles of music and is happy to be playing such classic and challenging  material! 
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